Trump and his men cannot have all that’s best for America at heart. Doing so much of the country’s business at his private residences is troubling.

He seems to despise having Americans see through the lenses of the video cameras of the multitude of media outlets around the world. Their opinions of him vary from great support to reports of fraud, constitutional infractions, nepotism and more. Many have far more proof than Watergate ever had.

Those eyes are needed now more than ever. But he is blinding us. Trump Tower, Mar-a-lago, and his golf courses are some of the places he meets with the men in high places, whether American or foreign. We are blinded and deafened by him like no other president in modern history. We know little of his past and nothing of his financial/tax truths. He is truly a black hole.

The way he puts down the media as being the “lying press” was known as “Lugenpresse” used by the Nazis to make people doubt the veracity of what the press communicated. Then lies were told over and over until the people accepted them as the truth. That, by definition, is propaganda. He never speaks to us in any forum without mentioning how “dishonest” the press is; how they are lying about the White House transition being in chaos; about how the Trump campaign was in contact with the Russians; and about his close relationship with Putin and more.

We must be vigilant, fact-check for the truth, and push our Congressmen and women to work hard for us.

Rosalyn Vance


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