Where’s Rep. Bruce Poliquin? His constituents looked for him throughout the congressional recess week in February but he was not available to meet with them or to hold any town hall meetings.

Some of us remember how predecessor Mike Michaud would often meet with regular Mainers at his office in Waterville, seeking ideas about how best to represent us in Washington. Now Poliquin’s staff turns down such requests.

I have a theory. I think that Poliquin is afraid to meet with ordinary voters because he would have to explain why he is threatening to take away their health insurance. Town hall meetings all over the nation have seen angry crowds, especially of elders, demanding to know how they will afford health care if the ACA ends.

Maine is the oldest state in the nation and health care is a necessity. I believe health care is a human right. Does Poliquin? We don’t know, because he won’t meet with us to share his views and hear ours. That is not democracy.

Lisa Savage


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