Should I allow my 2-year-old to poop on the side of the road, and if so should I pick it up?

In today’s world where our pets, especially dogs, have become much like our children, I am appalled by the fact that many owners don’t find it necessary to pick up after their dogs.

On a walk recently at Quarry Road Recreational Area in Waterville with my three children, I had to continually tell my 2-year-old to watch out for dog waste as he was trouncing through the mud on the side of the road. As I watched my children sledding at Quarry Road I had to remove a pile of dog waste that was on the walking path up the hill. Why am I responsible for watching out for this when common courtesy is to pick up after your dog?

As someone who has owned dogs my entire life until the recent passing of our family pet, I never had the audacity to not clean up after my dog. Have people become so lazy and inconsiderate to others wanting to enjoy a poop-free walk or sledding adventure, especially when Quarry Road provides bags and a trash can? Is this the example we want to set for our children? Sadly it’s not just there; it’s everywhere. I picked up after someone else’s dog across the street from my house the other day as I was walking by with my children in tow.

To those dog owners that think it’s OK to lack the responsibility of picking up after their pets, either show some respect or realize you are neither mature enough or responsible enough for dog ownership. Perhaps you would be better suited to a fish.

Amanda Isgro


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