MaineGeneral has made a bad decision to close the First Park Lab and Imaging Center. Everyone will now be required to go to Thayer for labs, X-rays and testing.

Has MaineGeneral considered how many elderly people use the facility at First Park? The elderly sometimes have a difficult time walking for any distance. The parking at Thayer is ridiculous. It’s so far from the entrance and those stairs are impossible for so many. On top of the walk, the wait to be taken care of at Thayer can be up to an hour or two.

Please don’t use the excuse that the number of patients at First Park does not justify keeping it open. I was a volunteer at First Park for two years and we were always busy. Patients were always thankful they didn’t have to go to Thayer, for the reasons stated. I wish MaineGeneral would please reconsider this very bad plan.

Donna Wheelock


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