We can all be astounded into silence with the direction the country is going or we can be mobilized to fight the wrongs being done to Americans. Our moral high ground is being challenged and discombobulated from this present White House administration. To those who support this present administration, I would ask you, “Would you accept this same way of leading, if it were the other party?” I imagine the answer would be no. Let’s look at the unethical world and lack of backbone we now have in America.

• We don’t demand to see the billionaire’s tax returns though we expect it of everyone else now and in the past.

• We are literally coming down on Americans in an attempt at getting the “bad” immigrants. We are a country of immigrants.

• There is no need to investigate the Russian connection into American politics — really?

• Stephen Bannon, a newsman for the alt-right, can continue to be a voice in the administration, setting policy and sitting in on national security, posing a security risk since his decisions will be based on propaganda rather than what our security really requires — a discerning and thoughtful process focused on our safety.

• Legitimate news outlets being denied access to the White House. Freedom of the press is being attacked and yet we believe Donald Trump, the leader of denial and misinformation? Since when has this become acceptable in America.

Let’s scrutinize what the real motivations are of this present administration and congress. We as citizens are being attacked and we need to respond. Avoid being paralyzed at what is happening. Act. Act. Act.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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