Why write a letter to the editor? I suppose in life everyone has an opinion to share or a idea to express. I have found even though I disagree with this newspaper and their opinions on many fronts, they have been fair and allowed me to express my opposing opinions. So many Americans care about their community and country and feel helpless to make change. Yet many of us are fighters and we understand together we do make small changes in the world in which we live.

Hopefully together we do make the world a little better, and people’s lives a little richer. Maybe it’s the time you spent working in the food bank or the cash donation you made to some organization you find dear to your heart. It could be as simple getting out to vote or helping out a friend or neighbor during times of crisis. Somehow we all pull together to make small changes in our world and each other’s lives. We do what we can in our own way to help create a better future.

One of the ways I’m able to do that with my letters to editor. I enjoy politics and I realize in order to change outcomes one must first change minds. I do what I can to express my concerns that Americans are trading away their liberty and freedom for a false hope of security to a nanny state.

Your way of making change or contributing to society may be different than others. I’m asking you no matter how small you feel times, to stop and consider how the life you lead may have helped change the world in some small way. Hopefully you’ve led a good life and helped make this world a better place.

John Hopkins


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