Every single president of the United States, from any party, woke up every single day and said to themselves, “What can I do to make life better for Americans?” From George Washington to Barack Obama, through wars and scandals, through depressions and recoveries, it was always the same question.

Sometimes the answers were wrong or misguided. Sometimes the president did not have an answer or found it hard to choose between the answers. But it was the asking of the question that was important: “What can I do to make life better for Americans?”

Donald Trump wakes up every day and asks himself: “What can I do to make life better for Donald J. Trump?” He treats the presidency like he won some sporting competition.

In sports winning is the end; in governing, winning is only the beginning of the hard work of making the lives of Americans better. He doesn’t get it, and to make matters worse he does not want to get it.

It is just one big victory tour for him. And we all suffer for it.

Charles Hicks


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