I am writing this letter to urge my state representative, Gary Hilliard, R-Belgrade, and others in the Legislature to support An Act to Protect and Expand Access to Solar Power In Maine.

Living in the country as I do, I think about self-sufficiency and sustainability a lot. If I can fix or make something at home, I do. I grow a lot of my own food and buy as much locally grown food as I can. It just makes sense to me that Maine is better off using what we produce, rather than importing what we use from outside our state or outside the country.

We can create more of our electrical power in state from biomass, from wind, from hydroelectric generation, and from the sun. Wind, hydro, and solar power especially appeal to me because they do not use up the resources that produce them, thus they are sustainable and economical over the long term.

The price of solar generation is dropping, and we can see a time coming when we will not have to import as much natural gas, oil, and propane from out of state. To increase our sustainability and self-sufficiency as a state, we need to encourage the spread of solar power generation through net metering.

Net metering will build our solar power capacity and increase our energy independence. When more of our state’s power comes from local, sustainable generation we all benefit — both now and in the long run.

Stan Davis


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