There’s a constant drumbeat that Donald Trump is wrong, even evil. Keep in mind, President Trump wasn’t elected because Barack Obama was so popular. But those of us who didn’t support Obama did so without the hate-filled speech and demonstrations that now happen regularly. Even our ex-attorney general encourages more riots and bloodletting. Ridiculously, Barbara Streisand blames Trump for her weight gain, while his family, especially his 10-year-old son, has been personally attacked by comedians and talk show hosts when there’s always been an understanding to leave the president’s family alone.

Trump is not a racist. He’s already soothed our relationship with Israel, one of our longtime allies. He likely has a much greater understanding of minorities because he has hired many and worked along with them. More minorities voted for him than the previous Republican presidential nominee. He is not a misogynist, with a history of hiring women and paying them fairly. Trump doesn’t want to destroy our environment, infrastructure, or schools. He wants Supreme Court justices who follow our Constitution and police who can keep our cities and towns safe while staying safe themselves.

His business experience is getting us back on track. Polls show that most people want our country protected from those who would hurt us, which President Trump has pledged to do. Reasonable minds can agree on the bigger picture, but just think differently on how to get there. Close-minded career politicians accomplish nothing, as they are self-motivated.

If your blood pressure is rising and you’re falling apart because of the election, I suggest you open your ears and minds and listen. No “side” is always right or always wrong. Understanding comes from listening, and then working together becomes more of a reality.

Patricia Maynard


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