Winslow Elementary School students recently organized self-initiated donation projects.

Alyssa Spaulding, 11, asked Principal Kyle Price if she could be a sponsor for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and sell keychain crafts she makes to raise money for the hospital. Alyssa started making items when family, friends and teachers ask if they could donate bracelets, keychains, magnets and other items they had made. All items sold at the first sale, and two other sales are planned in hopes of raising $300.

Also, five fourth-graders are holding a donation drive for the Waterville Humane Society. The organization is in need of pet food, pine wood pellets, bleach, stretch and scratch pads, flea/tick repellent, rubbing alcohol, peroxide and more.

For more information, call Winslow Elementary School at 872-1967, or stop at the main office.

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