Where is the Democratic Party? They are lost in a wilderness of their own creation. They are ignoring a huge grassroots movement calling for a more progressive agenda. They are looking for a leader, and the Democratic Party does not see this as an opportunity to redeem themselves. They could regain a purpose, a direction and a vision.

Most Americans want economic equality and the end to governance by the super rich and corporate America who are only interested in a government that increases their enormous wealth and power. They now have that with the Republican administration where there is no concern for the poor, the sick, the elderly, the middle class and women. They are destroying the foundations of a democracy that is supposed to represent and work for all people, not just the elite.

And where are most Democrats, particularly the leadership? They are frozen in the past — we hear more outrage and resistance from Bernie Sanders, an independent; Elizabeth Warren, a voice crying in the wilderness; and John McCain, a Republican.

The Democratic Party needs to wake up and listen before it is too late and they are left behind.

Ruth McNiff


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