The thing that is usually good about April Fool’s Day is that it is just one day. But 2017 has taken even that from us. Because the hoax-filled “holiday” falls on a Saturday this year, a number of this year’s jokes have rolled out early. Some pranks launched on Friday, while others went live even earlier in the week.

As we have in years past, The Washington Post is keeping tabs on all the pranks we can find (or, more often, jokes that are pitched to us by brands). We’ve begun our tracking of this hoax wasteland a day early to account for all the stuff that crept into March.

Below is our list of all the April Fools’ pranks on the internet this year, broken up into a few categories.

Whether you’ve come here to fact check something you read online that seems a bit off, or because you just like to watch the world burn, we hope this list will be helpful over the next couple of days.

And may God have mercy on our souls.

– Tech and Web:


The weather map is just emojis at Dark Sky.

DeviantArt is mostly art of biting pears now. restyled its entire website in Comic Sans in a rare display of April Fools subtlety.

Reddit’s April Fool’s thing is “Place,” which is less of a joke and more of a massive test of Reddit’s ability to cooperate

Kik isn’t really copying Snapchat and introducing “storyz”

Yo ALSO isn’t introducing a “stories” feature


Roku introduced a fake new feature that suggests snacks to pair with what you watch

“Hu” isn’t a new Hulu service that shortens TV shows to 8 seconds

Lyft’s “mono” wearable for hailing a car is a joke

Tinder’s “live date” on Facebook Live is also a joke

Doordash isn’t introducing a kids’ app called “M.O.M.”

Duolingo isn’t offering an emoji course


A “Netflix Live” preview video on the streaming service gives you a full 45 minutes of Will Arnett commenting on extremely boring video clips.

Hinge, a relationship app, isn’t launching a “parental controls” feature

Master and Dynamic isn’t really selling concrete headphones

“Apocalypse Mingle” won’t really match you with a romantic partner based on how well you’d survive the End Times together

– Google

The Google Maps app can turn into a functional game of Ms. Pac Man (They’ve done a similar prank in the past)


Google Netherlands isn’t going to use the country’s windmills and machine learning to control the weather

Google Gnome isn’t a creepy, outdoors-only home assistant

Google won’t send “Haptic” helpers to your home to simulate smell and touch while you play VR

Google isn’t introducing a bubble wrap keyboard in Japan

– Politics!

D.C. isn’t getting a Joe Biden-themed pop up bar


A fitness tracker company isn’t turning Trump’s border wall into a climbing wall

George Takei, who has a history of elaborate April Fools’ pranks, is not running for Congress. This one tricked a lot of people — including some entertainment news sites (come onnn) — until he revealed it was a joke several hours later.

– Miscellaneous Brands:

Thinkgeek (takes a deep breath) isn’t selling a Hot Pocket sleeping bag, a swear jar, a tentacuddle wrap, a Where’s Waldo parody featuring Barb from Stranger Things, a “swim desk”, a full-body snake temporary tattoo (a la “Westworld”, the movie “Shazaam” starring Sinbad (it doesn’t exist), a bike horn of Gondor, or a “YAAS Cat-apult”

Lexus doesn’t have a “Lane Valet” that will move other cars out of the way for you.

Eau de Chlôrine, a perfume that makes you smell like a swimming pool, isn’t real.


Plated isn’t launching a perfume line that makes you smell like food.

Coffee-mate didn’t make a coffee-flavored creamer.

Auntie Annie’s isn’t launching a rebrand that puts a Snapchat filter on their logo.

Women can’t rent a fully-furnished storage unit as a “She Shed” to escape their families.

Progressive isn’t selling insurance for people who are moving to Mars.

Whopper toothpaste ????


You can’t ship yourself to a friend in a “man freight”

Jim Beam isn’t going to start selling canned beans

“Chugg” isn’t a real energy drink for college kids

Kars4Kids isn’t really a service that gives cars to children so they can drive them

A doll company isn’t selling Voodoo dolls

The viral “Nanodrop” ad with Paris Hilton in it is a Sodastream prank


Carrabba’s, the Italian food chain, isn’t selling its pasta sauce as a beauty mask

Sorry, FreshDirect isn’t selling “pitless avocados”

“Speed of light” USB cable doesn’t actually exist

Tripping hasn’t struck a deal with the White House to rent out its rooms while Trump is out of town on the weekends

Groupon hasn’t joined the flat earth movement

Bush’s beans isn’t selling jelly beans in a can


You can’t use an app to destroy all the clutter in your apartment

KFC isn’t launching sushi in New Zealand

Mike’s Harder isn’t selling a “Keg in a Can” (this is primarily a visual gag)

A tool company isn’t launching a baby accessories line

Honda horn emoji are fake, but maybe not the worst idea?

A car history tracker can’t also check your potential date’s history


Toilet paper blinds are fake

Snickers isn’t selling Knickers

Delta won’t fly you to Mars

Virgin Trains isn’t going to start tattooing tickets on their customers’ bodies

– Animal jokes

Sugarfina isn’t selling dog treats now


The “Harambed” isn’t real

Turkey Hill didn’t introduce, a dating site only for cows

Tough Mudder isn’t starting Puppy Mudder, an athletic event for dogs

You’ll never actually be able to buy a watch made out of your pet’s fur

Amazon’s Alexa can’t understand your pets now

Trulia isn’t launching a real estate service for pets


Cheapflights isn’t selling “Catflights,” or flights that come with a cat companion

Puzzles for pets are fake

A digital retailer isn’t selling a DIY goat soap-making kit (that includes a goat)

Freshwater dolphins haven’t returned to the Finger Lakes

Petcube isn’t selling “bum” covers for your pets

The Wildlife Conservation Society isn’t raising money to buy tiny little raincoats for sloths


iFixit didn’t release a tool kit for hamsters

These rats can’t detect “man flu,” but can actually detect land mines, apparently.

A shirt made out of the bodies of cockroaches is fake, and will not give you cockroach-like enhancements

You can’t buy cockroach milk either

– Fake wearables, “smart” items, and AI jokes:

Wayfair isn’t selling a smart sofa.


Cargurus isn’t introducing a bot that lets autonomous cars choose their driver.

Quilted Northern isn’t launching a wearable to record all your bathroom activity.

You can’t buy a holograph-projecting drone to attend meetings for you.

Alamo isn’t launching a line of smart, “self-vacationing” rental cars

KFC Canada isn’t making a “smart” bucket

T-Mobile isn’t selling a “full-body wearable” called “T-Mobile ONEsie”


Petco didn’t make a pooper scooper that is powered by a drone

A smart hibernation pod isn’t real (and it’s also not a prank that appears to be done by Samsung)

An adult toy company isn’t going to start doing drone deliveries

– Fake “news” and history

The National Museum of American History launched a fake Smells of American History project, but also created an actual research section on historical perfumes because it can’t stop being a museum, even on April Fools Day.

Traveling in a straight line through Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana won’t conjure a homicidal elf, and no one ever believed that it would.


The World Wildlife Fund has not discovered a polar bear living in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland

David Attenborough isn’t going in a different direction for his next documentary

Kellyanne Conway isn’t the commencement speaker at the University of Albany this year

– Messing with children:

“Blorskee” “Tangeteen” and “Speekuzslmn” (pronounced “speak-ew”) are not real words, much to the relief of the students who took this joke spelling test in class.

Ikea Singapore angered a bunch of parents by “announcing” that they were replacing their kids’ play area with a bunch of pods, so kids could isolate themselves with their tablets.

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