I am saddened at the passing of our good friend, Donald “Don Brown” Wormwood. I have been listening to his wonderful familiar voice coming to us via radio and TV ads. and I had thought of calling him to tell him that I so enjoyed hearing that great voice on these ads. But as we so often do, I hesitated too long. Thankfully now we are still able to hear that voice of his on the ads that he recorded.

Don and his voice were part of our lives for many years. Thankfully, it is continuing on.

Many things were mentioned in his obituary, but he also joined us at Erskine Academy for some of the BEA minstrels, helping to raise money that supported many different things at the private school including music, scholarships, and sports. Don was an entertainer, and with his musical knowledge and talent he added much to our shows. His sense of humor was spot-on.

I’m sure others join me in thanking his family for sharing him with us in the surrounding towns. He was loved and respected for his talents, love of music, and his giving nature.

I’m sure there is more that could be added about this amazing man with that great voice and there are so many lives that he touched. I’m just thankful he touched our lives as he did and continues to do with the ads.

Nancy Seigars


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