Columnist J.P. Devine in his March 25 column, “Girl in the glass case,” concludes that our president’s spouse, Melania Trump, is outwardly living in a world of excess that contrasts with her real-life condition of deference, display, and depression, all of that presumably attributable to her new role as first lady of the United States.

He leaves no doubt as to his beliefs that she now lives out her days’ existence as a victim of circumstances, and implies that she should (as if she ever would) take some unspecified course of action to change her condition, before it’s “too late.”

Devine concludes: “Yes. It’s late, Melania, but not too late,” leaving us all to wonder if he’s suggesting divorce, murder, suicide or, even more terrifying, to run off with him. But, no, as an immigrant to this country, she looks pretty happy to most of the rest of us.

Max Beichert


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