There seems to be a pretty simple fix to the parking problems in Waterville. Over time, it has become evident that no one wants to park at Head of Falls, which is too far to walk to shop and eat, too shady of an area to walk through, etc. Please stop wasting Waterville taxpayer funds on this fruitless vision.

The solution is to dig up the whirligig in the middle of the Concourse that the tractor trailer trucks and snowplows keep getting hung up on, and re-plant it at the Head of Falls, where the prevailing winds will make it twirl beautifully near the Two Cent Bridge and other admirations.

Next, build a multi-story parking garage in the center of the Concourse that will accommodate a similar footprint of parking spots multiplied by the number of floors, an increase five-fold or more). This will be in the heart of all dining, shopping, hairstyling, Colby influx parking — you name it.

There will be no more plowing problems for the city, except for the top floor of the garage.

The project should be easily funded by all the money being wasted on trying to force Head of Falls down the throat of local taxpayers, plus an officer to ticket parking violators. Wouldn’t more people love to shop, dine and do business in Waterville, with easy, hassle-free parking?

John D. Rossignol


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