We complain about drugs, so we legalize marijuana. We say we are fighting opioids, but we want to keep our bars open longer so our young people can drink longer. Each day we hear new people so proud of opening their own breweries here in Maine. This is still alcohol. We need more breweries in Maine like we need more casinos.

Doesn’t anyone realize that liquor and pot are just the stepping stones to the more serious drugs out there? Quite a few times I have heard about people in the Old Port area leaving the bar and they are almost always found dead somewhere. Maybe they wouldn’t be if they were not drunk. The supermarkets sell aisles of liquor and tell us they don’t have room for regular food goods that they should have. Right on the news, they admit that the biggest reason they want to keep the bars open til 2 in the morning is that it will benefit them monetarily, especially with tourists.

Wake up folks, whether it is liquor or opioids or pot, we are still killing our brain cells and our youth. We have a hand in helping our young people to become alcoholics, potheads, and drug addicts when we sell or promote any of this stuff. If it wasn’t distributed in the first place, a lot less of our young people would be ending up dead.

Barbara Cote


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