President Donald Trump just issued a statement on how horrible Syria was to use chemical weapons on it’s own citizens. And yet, he simultaneously, behind closed doors, just cut his citizens’ protections from harmful chemicals by allowing a chemical banned by President Barack Obama in pesticides manu

factured by Dow to be taken off the banned substance list and be used again to poison the citizens of the United States and the environment. The president of Dow is thrilled; he was at Trump’s right hand when the bill was signed as Trump again showed us publicly that he can write his name. The Dow president proudly stated that he heard from Trump every day asking for information on the chemical in question. Trump is taking away all of our regulations in the name of business.

But, he is a businessman and that is what this country voted for.

How hypocritical to scold Syria when he is doing the exact same thing, only under the guise of “creating jobs.” Yes, you can have a job, but you will be killing people, even your own family, in the process.

Barbara Helen Baker


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