I’m opposed to the Stevens School bond as bundled by the Hallowell City Council.

This is a $600,000 gift, plus interest, to a private party hidden in a larger bond for public works. Matt Morrill, the developer, is engaged in a profit-making enterprise. Why should we be paying his bills, especially when we don’t know about his financial commitment and resources.

The one vote bond referendum question (the council’s decision to bundle all projects into a one-vote package) takes away the voters’ right to decide on a project’s merit and gives our taxes to a private individual. Therefore, the council’s decision gives me no choice but to vote no on the referendum question.

I urge all Hallowell voters to go on Friday, April 28, to Hall Dale Elementary School (polls open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) and help me vote this referendum question down.

Patricia L. Connors