How do we try to explain the mental instability and unreasonableness of the present occupier of the Oval Office? He wants nothing to do with the media, prefers to have no contact with them whatsoever unless they praise him, has his mouthpiece cronies lie about many things, and would like them to be banned completely from the White House because they try their best to present the facts and the various interpretations of the facts.

The media have mostly performed this duty well because of so many idiotic statements that come out of the president’s mouth. He creates the issues and then tweet-complains when his utterances are legitimately called into question. He almost never presents legitimate facts to back up any of his allegations and has almost never conducted an intelligent discussion about any issue without skirting the issue and then insulting and interrupting the person who is attempting to intelligently participate in the discussion.

And now he demands that the EPA transmit every piece of information to him, his children, and his non-scientist cronies for their political evaluations before authorized release to the public. Sounds like a modern-day version of Nazi book-burning except that, in this present-day version, this attempted control concerns future history.

If successful with the EPA, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Agriculture Department, what others will be next on his hit-list to not only control the facts themselves but also the resulting interpretations for our future histories?

And all of this and much more, in his three months of supreme (only in his own mind) rule.

Bill Harmon