Voting yes on Friday’s bond will set the tone for Hallowell for the next generation, not only maintaining our city’s status as a desired place to live, work, and visit, but enhancing it.

There has been some opposition to the Stevens Commons component of the bond. Everyone has the right to mail postcards promoting their viewpoint, but the use of bold red text and exclamation marks doesn’t mean the information conveyed is necessarily accurate.

Here is one verifiable fact though — the Stevens Commons portion will not raise our mil rate for at least two years because Joan Sturmthal incredibly donated $100,000 to offset those costs. By then, the property valuation should be high enough to not only cover its bond obligations but to generate revenue, according to projections posted on the city website. Yes these are only projections, but their credibility has been bolstered with the recently proposed Central Building project, along with the numerous visible improvements already made to the campus in the past year.

Some more facts: The City Council unanimously approved the Stevens Commons Master Plan after the Planning Board unanimously recommended it. Then the City Council voted unanimously to approve this bond. These are some of the people who have worked the hardest, studied the details the most, and who are best acquainted with the current facts and figures. It seems unfair when some who weren’t as directly involved suggest that alternatives weren’t considered nor a thorough analysis completed. I haven’t seen the basis for that argument. To me, the fact that our representatives have spoken with one voice should be viewed as extremely telling.

This is a pivotal vote for the future of our community. Please join me in joining our elected officials and vote a resounding yes on Friday.

Nathan Pierce