President Donald Trump denounced the death of Syrian children from chemical weapons supplied by the Assad regime. In retaliation he announced the launch of 59 tomahawk cruise missiles against an air base in Northern Syria.

Are these not the same children of Syrians who could have been immigrants but were prevented from emigrating to the United States because they might be Islamic terrorists?

How many children were gassed who would not have been gassed had Lady Liberty been “allowed” to lift her lamp for them beside the golden door?

Now, as currency to start a war, these same disallowed children are bent to another corrupt regime, and I am not speaking of Assad. Will this launch of missiles against an air base be enough to distract the U.S. from continuing to press investigations into the Trump administration and its pre-election conversations with Russia?

That remains to be seen. Meanwhile, consider the plight of Syrian children, whose flight with their parents was prevented by Islamophobia and whose death now paves the road to war. Consider.

Judith Robbins