The Feb. 8 column, “To avoid fake news, forget reputation and go straight to the source,” was correct. In my opinion, fake news was a huge obstacle during the presidential election, and is still a problem after the election. As said in the article, reputability is one of the hardest issues we face while reading news and trying to distinguish it as real or fake.

The approach taken by the author of this article is the most sensible. Being able to link readers to the source of knowledge really keeps the writer accountable. In this day and time it is so easy to read fake news in the newspaper and believe it, but now having papers online it is very possible to read a paper and fact check it if the reader is given the source.

I commend the author of this article for informing the readers of ways to distinguish fake news, and for informing us of how they themselves show their readers that their news comes from real sources.

Courtney McGrath


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