The speed decrease on Interstate 295 is not working. The stated goal was to make the highway safer; while I supported the increase to 70 mph, I don’t see too much difference between 65 mph and 70 mph, and could really care less about which number they choose.

The issue at hand is that the state police are not enforcing the new speed limit. I do my best to follow the law and generally drive either a few above or a few below, depending on the conditions. I value safety quite a bit, and will gladly have to explain why I am late to work before I put others in danger by selfishly driving in an unsafe manner; however the newly lowered limit is not being followed, and even driving 70 in the 65 results in being passed by speeding, angry drivers almost constantly.

Set the speed limit as the police and civil engineers see best, by all means. Just please enforce the speed limit. The white signs on the side of the highway are worthless unless we see some blue lights every now and then. All you have now are a minority of safe drivers huddled over in the right lane as the vast majority blast by them. A large disparity in everyone’s speed is far more dangerous than a higher limit which results in people driving with a predictable flow of traffic.

You wanted the limit lowered, you got it; now enforce it correctly. It is your job.

Jesse Mulherin