The April 10 editorial, “Immigration enforcement actions only make matters worse,” was misguided and disingenuous.

One problem is the use of term “noncitizen” to describe those affected by the policy or those “targeted” by President Donald Trump’s rhetoric. This conflates everything from illegal aliens to lawful permanent residents. In reality, the policies are aimed at illegal aliens, and in particular at illegal aliens with criminal records. This also makes the idea that “it is unclear who is being targeted for deportation” misleading — people who are here illegally are being targeted.

Some of the particular targets are also far less sympathetic than the editorial makes out. It is implied that picking up Somali asylum seeker Abdi Ali at a courthouse was bad because it discourages people from seeking justice in court. First of all, Ali was not seeking justice; justice was meted out to him for a drunken-driving charge. Secondly, the article admits he has a long criminal record but complains that it is not clear exactly for which offense he was picked up. If, while seeking asylum, he endangered people on the road, that is reason enough.

At least two of the other cases had records as well, which the editorial glossed over. The man picked up at school had convictions for drunk driving and receiving stolen property. The woman picked up while seeking a protection order had eight criminal convictions, including assault, domestic violence, and false imprisonment. She also had been previously deported seven times. There was every reason to deport her, and applying for an order of protection should not be a “get-out-of-deportation-free” card.

Trump’s ramped-up enforcement is a refreshing change from President Barack Obama’s lax policies. We ought to be thanking him, not condemning him.

Michael Jose


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