This is in response to April 6 article on Rep. Richard Cebra’s bill, L.D. 26, “Excise tax reduction bill draws loud concerns from Maine municipalities.”

I live in a small community, and to reduce excise taxes would greatly increase real estate taxes. Our town uses some of the excise tax income to reduce the property tax mil rate so some of our poorer residents can afford to keep their homes. This reduction would especially hurt the elderly, who are already having a hard time keeping the home they have had for years and years because of rising property taxes.

If this Republican politician wants to help lower taxes, then he should lower taxes for everyone. Maine is already an old state, and in my opinion, a state where it is very easy to get welfare. He should get together with his fellow politicians and stop giving away so much money to those (and I mean citizens and immigrants) who are taking advantage of the system.

I know most of our politicians don’t believe this is happening, but they do not live in the real world where those who will benefit the most from this proposal are the ones who are getting all the welfare the state can give them. In my opinion, if you can afford a newer car, stop complaining and pay what you knew was going to be a higher excise tax.

Elizabeth Larrabee


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