Don Roberts’ column on Bill O’Reilly is troublesome. I know Don and he’s a fine gentlemen and I respect his views, although I don’t agree with him. The newspaper should know better, perhaps Don should know better, but the article is an apology for some inexcusable conduct by two officials of Fox News, Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. The women who complained are simply ignored and the whole matter has turned into, in Don’s words, an attempt to get Fox News.

That’s not the case and the newspaper ought to be more sensitive to its readers, to truth, and to reasonable conclusions. We all need to acknowledge that others will have different views than us, but we don’t need that inflicted in our daily newspaper and we do have the responsibility, as I’m doing here, to speak up when something is simply so wrong that it needs to be called out.

There are a substantial number of women who said that the goings on at Fox News were simply not acceptable — that’s not a political plot. It’s well known that Fox is a right-wing news source, just as much as it’s known that some other organizations, such as CNN, are much more liberal. We could have a discourse about this, but have it served up in the form of conclusions in the daily newspaper ill serves the newspaper, its readers, and Don’s readership.

Jon R. Doyle