On a positive note to our drug addiction problem, there are plenty of job openings for the working man that the addicts won’t do. They can’t pass the work drug tests because they are on methadone, and the taxpayers are paying their way anyway.

KVCAP pays to transport these people every day to get their methadone at $7 each way, mostly through taxis. Add the cost of the medication, and the fact that these are mostly DHHS cases, where we are paying rent, lights, and food, that’s a couple of bucks out of a real workingman’s pocket.

I’m sorry these folks got in trouble with addiction, but if I got an OUI, I’m relatively sure they wouldn’t line up to help me with my court costs. You shot heroin, you need methadone, you need a ride to get it, you are an adult, get a job.

Bill Kellam