Ranked-choice voting, Question 5 on the ballot in November 2016, was passed by Maine voters with the second largest majority in state history, and it is now the law. Yet opponents are working to delay implementation.

Ranked-choice voting is democracy at its most representative. It better reflects the majority of voters, is more fair and functional, and discourages negative campaigning. Voting for one’s favorite candidates in order of preference is easy to understand, gives voters more choice, and promotes majority support.

Yet entrenched interests are against ranked-choice voting for these very reasons. When we vote into law a system that is more representative and more democratic, why are we then forced to stand by as moneyed forces seek to undermine the will of the voters?

None of Maine’s candidates for governor has been elected by a majority in their first term for 40 years. We can have a more representative government in Augusta. Maine voters made this choice last November. Make sure your legislator and the secretary of state know that ranked-choice voting is law in Maine and must be enacted by 2018.

Dori L. Burnham


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