Signing ill-conceived, harmful executive orders does not come close to leadership, governance — it only lines the pockets of President Donald Trump’s wealthy cohorts.

Supporters try to justify the eradication of government stability, sensible regulations, and international order simply to allow people to make more money. The hell with protecting our air, water, land, food quality, medical options, and civil, religious or social rights. Trump is a narcissistic egomaniac who needs an enemy and never misses a photo-op or an opportunity to bask in applause, so he creates his own reality, and of course is always great.

Trump tactics like childish bullying, ignorant misdirections, and obvious puffery produce indifference, dangerous paranoia, and hysterical expectations because he has no coherent strategy, only chaotic mood swings and his ever-changing beliefs. His legacy will be as harsh as his tactics and his utter inability to lead. America will be great again when we find an inspirational leader with good character who maps a cohesive strategy.

Heard a suggestion about Theo Epstein being our president and wholeheartedly agree, but alas he has a good job. Too bad for most of us.

Dennis St. Jean


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