What has emerged in the last two months is nothing short of frightening. An erosion of democracy. Americans alone can stop the destruction of what we value. The first step to take is to make elected officials accountable for what they do or what they avoid doing.

This White House administration and Congress is erratic, defensive, and lacks vision. A presidential election campaign built on fear and arrogance has grown into a mindset of invincibility in a world that is feeling its way through much uncertainty. We have an administration that thinks nothing of giving plum jobs in Washington based solely on family or loyalty to a man rather than a nation. Lack of civility to an American public and to lifelong friends in the world are tossed without thought of consequence.

Diplomacy is harmed. Donald Trump endangers our nation to stand alone in this big. Trump’s level of diplomacy is a formula for violence. And the worst part is that it’s done without a long-term plan. Major decisions are made in a “shoot from the hip” style.

Transparency is gone. A billionaire in Washington deems it nonessential for America to scrutinize his worth? Or who visits in the White House? Let’s remind ourselves this is not a dictatorial state.

America’s greatest asset is not one individual but all citizens. America has many strengths: diversity, leadership, and compassion. Diversity and not divisiveness. Leadership solves problems thoughtfully and with equity. Compassion is not a weakness. Compassion from a mature nation reflects a responsibility to help those who have less. It is this humanity we need as a nation to sustain ourselves. It is what we need to look at ourselves every day and know we did what was right.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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