JACKMAN — The Forest Hills Mathematics Team recently completed its fifth round in the Western Class D Math Team competition with 17 members participating for the Tigers in the final contest of the 2016-2017 season.

Individual results for meet 5 were — Top 10 (all grades from all schools): Kenn Vito-Cruz, third place; Alexandra Lessard, fifth place; Carson Veilleux, eighth place; and Ian West, ninth place.

Top 5 Seniors (from all schools): Ian West, third place; Madison Cuddy, fourth place; and Caitlin Logston, fifth place.

Top 5 Juniors (from all schools): Kenn Vito-Cruz, second place; and Carson Veilleux, fourth place.

Top 5 Sophomores (from all schools): Alexandra Lessard, second place; and Cassidy Shelley, fifth place.

Top 5 Freshmen (from all schools): Samuel Rodriguez, second place; and Jeremiah Hale and Quentin Rodriguez, tied for third place.