I am writing as a concerned constituent and member of Midcoast Maine Indivisible, a group of hundreds of Mainers who volunteer their time to communicate with and hear from our members of Congress.

More than a hundred days ago, we first invited Sen. Susan Collins to attend a public listening town hall at which she could hear her constituents’ hopes and concerns. After Collins’ staff first ignored our request and then rejected it on the basis of scheduling difficulties, we asked when the first day between now and 2020 might be when she would have an opening in her schedule to come to the Midcoast for a public town hall. We have been waiting patiently for an answer to this simple question, politely reminding the senator’s staff every now and then of our request.

Sadly, we’ve been met with absolute silence on this simple question. We hope Collins will be in touch soon. It’s hard for us to engage with her in a civic fashion when she won’t answer her constituents’ questions.

James Cook


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