The article “Brunswick case highlights the national problem of school sexual assaults” is mislabeled — it should be titled, “Brunswick school system bullies child, parent, and allows crimes to occur on campus.”

In my experience as a parent I have seen my children bullied by their peers and by their teachers. The exceptional educators or school board members who try to speak up are bullied and threatened with sanctions or dismissal by overpaid school administrators who no longer care about children; they care about their paycheck. When parents try to get the schools to stop the bullying they are themselves bullied, insulted, labeled a troublemaker, and dismissed like a child. If that still doesn’t work, the adult school system bullies close in on the child.

As all bullies, the Brunswick school system and defense lawyers know to always blame the victim — it’s a winning tactic.

We, as the taxpayers who pay for this broken public school system, need to stop being bullied, intimated and threatened by a system that makes us and our children victims.

Parents speak up and demand the best for your children from the school system you pay for or one day you may be dealing with the fallout of unaddressed bullying like the Wing family. Lastly, Chaz is not a victim — he is a survivor. He has already done a great service by speaking out. I applaud and thank him for his courage. He shouldn’t let the past ruin his future happiness.

Kathleen Mahoney


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