I almost forgot this year.

Since a rainy Patriots Day in 2003 (I think it was 2003, maybe it was 2004), the spring sports haiku column has been a staple of mine. I almost forgot this year.

Maybe it was the lack of consistent spring weather that threw me off. It’s hard to think of spring traditions under a perpetual battleship gray. Normally, I start looking forward to the haiku around late-March, when the days first begin to feel a little warmer. But this year we had a big snowstorm on April 1, and that kicked off the spring suppression.

Last weekend, I took a brief trip to Quebec City. It rained there, too, of course, but walking around the old city was reinvigorating. Driving home late Sunday afternoon, the sun began to peak out from behind the clouds. The drive south was literally a drive into spring. Trees barely budding in Quebec were blooming as I returned home, and I remembered. Haiku.

I make no promises that these poems are any good. Most assuredly, they are not. As always, apologies to all the talented poets out there who want to pour bleach in their eyes after reading my drivel.

Here we go.

Celtics vs. Wizards

Old-time NBA

Yeah, I hate you, you hate me

Cavs yawn, and lick chops

Boston Bruins

A quick playoff jaunt

In an out, like an errand

Build for the future

Craig Kimbrel

Nobody hits me

Hard fastball looks like a pea

Do this all summer

Maine Spring Weather

Huh, no rain today

Game on! Get out the sunscreen

Wait. I felt a drop

Patriots Draft

Those Augusta roots

Each anticipated sack

Is a nod to Maine

Tom Brady

Madden cover curse?

Ask me about the curse when

He holds Lombardi

Malcom Butler

Super Bowl hero

Come back to Foxborough and

Win the big payday

LeBron James

At top of his game

May and June dominator

Sweep another round?

Andrew Benintendi

Rookie of the year?

Best newcomer since Nomar?

Star for years to come

Tar Heels

Coach Roy’s third title

Daggum national champions

Gamecocks beat Duke, yes!

Grayson Allen

Your leg finds my heel

Arms raised, shocked look, Huh? Who, me?

Chippy little thug

White House Visits

These are still a thing?

Go, don’t go. I don’t much care

Bluster for nothing

Extra Innings

We’re tired! Up late

Start earlier, Problem solved

Why create issue?

Chris Sale

A southpaw Pedro

He snarls, throws it by you or

Through you if need be

Kentucky Derby

Always Dreaming wins

Mud splashed victory gallop

The Preakness awaits

Travis Lazarczyk — 861-9242

[email protected]

Twitter: @TLazarczykMTM

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