My family belongs to the Gardiner Public Library. While I am terribly discouraged that the town of Farmingdale’s selectboard is refusing to budget money for its residents’ memberships to the Gardiner library, I am equally discouraged by the Gardiner library’s response. To banish the very people who love and support the library in order to punish the town as a whole seems the very opposite of the warm, inviting place I have come to know.

Libraries have always been a place of refuge, a place where all are welcome. Libraries are not the place to conduct wars. I truly understand Gardiner’s need to meet a budget, and I appreciate that simply supplying the library card fee is not a reasonable substitute.

Again, I am terribly dismayed by our selectboard’s choice. However, banning any resident from Farmingdale from having a Gardiner library card for five years — even if paid for out of pocket by the resident — is mean-spirited and does not reflect the spirit of our public libraries.

Amy Peterson Cyr


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