A couple weeks ago, I saw Waterville’s mayor on video telling a captive audience in Brewer what a bad idea it is to add a 3 percent income tax surcharge against income over $200,000. That is the referendum initiative that Maine people voted for and passed in the last election. The mayor wants the politicians in Augusta to override the will of the people.

Now, I’m not too surprised that the mayor should feel this way. From Washington to Augusta to Waterville, the Republican Party will stand with those with more against those with less. Same old trickle down, different day.

What I am surprised about, given the local party line about property taxes driving people out of their homes, is that the mayor has little or nothing to say about the revenue sharing monies the state owes us. Or perhaps there might be some mention of our absurdly disproportionate burden of tax exempt property. Those are all state issues but the mayor contests an issue that was decided directly by the voters.

My takeaway is that the mayor is not an advocate for Waterville. The mayor is an advocate for the governor and his entire agenda. That is the only logical conclusion I can draw.

Stephen Aucoin


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