America, wake up — you’re being taken for a ride.

The Trump administration is on the verge of wiping out a half century of America’s hard work. Back in the day, many U.S. rivers were cesspools, our air was heading towards what they have in China’s cities, and industry could dump all the poisons it wanted in our backyards and then have the taxpayer clean it up when it became a superfund site. Citizens and their representatives fought hard, year after year, to counter the immense lobbying power of those who poisoned this magnificent planet we are blessed to inhabit. The agency Americans have counted on to safeguard us, the EPA, is being stripped. The fox is guarding the henhouse.

It’s been a mere eight years since those who play with other people’s money on Wall Street recklessly wiped out hundreds of thousands of dollars from Americans’ savings and retirement accounts, and threatened the entire financial system. Again, citizens and their representatives fought back by regulating the financial industry. Wall Street’s fox is now guarding the people’s henhouse.

All sides agree Obamacare needs tweaking, but instead of doing the people’s business and working the bugs out, the administration keeps churning out bills that hurt average Americans while cutting taxes on the rich.

It has forever been an effective tactic by the powerful to turn different groups in society against each other. Washington has become a mean-spirited place with mean-spirited proposals. Let’s follow the money, remember that fox, and call out the hounds.

Chris Wright


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