Continual self-inflicted wounds feeding a piranha press are creating an early crisis for the administration of President Donald Trump, and for our country. Let’s all take a deep breath.

We don’t know how much of what is being reported through anonymous sources is true. However, we do know that the president needs to curb his Twitter addiction, and he certainly needs not add insult to injury by making threatening remarks at an FBI director (who he had a perfect right to fire).

Personally, I believe that Trump probably did, in private conversation, comment to James Comey that with National Security Advisor Mike Flynn already gone, was further investigation of Flynn really necessary? Whether or not that rises to the level of high crime seems a stretch, but the vultures have been circling since the inauguration.

Matters are swirling rapidly. As I write this column, TV network news has broken the announcement that the Justice Department has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate any possible improper ties or conversations between Trump, his campaign and Russia. Things are moving so fast that even more events affecting this whole mess may have occurred after submitting this column for deadline.

President Trump must allow all investigations to go forward to a conclusion that can be trusted by the American people. This furor is of course a disappointment to all who support the president and every citizen who, anxious for change, placed their hopes in our country’s future in the hands of a political outsider. It would be a terrible shame if Trump and the Republicans blow it and miss the best chance in a decade to accomplish a pro-growth economic agenda with an “America First” theme. Trump has at least surrounded himself with excellent military experts and has taken a foreign policy stance of strength, versus the inaction and appeasement of the previous administration.

Former FBI director Bob Mueller, as special counsel, will complete all investigations with dispatch and total transparency — the American people (and Trump) deserve nothing less.


Now we must reboot and get on with the business of governing this nation. Jumping to unfounded conclusions and a piling on by a ravenous media would be a bad mistake and extremely dangerous to the country. Use of the inflammatory word “impeachment,” even Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi agrees, is at this point, unwarranted and explosive. Investigations will come and go, but there is little doubt that attempts to discredit and destroy this new president will continue.

The problem for Trump and any of us who want him to succeed with job creation, tax reform and a new improved health care system, is Trump himself. The president is a man who does not react to criticism with control. His personality resembles another leader with whom we are familiar here in Maine. Please, Mr. President, don’t make the same mistakes when reacting to attacks that our governor does (although LePage has been better lately). We don’t want it to cost you the opportunity to “make America great again.”

I am encouraged by hearing the president’s statement that he is good with the investigation, will cooperate fully, and looks forward to early vindication as he moves forward “to fight for forgotten American people” to accomplish the goals he has promised them.

The Comey Comedy is not funny and the Russian connection jungle-like drum beat must be ended before it unravels our country.

Allow me a followup to a recent column, “O’Reilly casualty of culture war.” My views in that column must not be misrepresented by charging that I condone sexual harassment. I want to thank the many readers who called or spoke to me in person in support. Those who really know me know better.

In the O’Reilly situation, we simply ask, whatever happened to the presumption of innocence before being proven guilty? And did the ultimate punishment fit an alleged, as yet unsubstantiated, crime?

The theory of a successful political conspiracy designed to bring down O’Reilly and Fox News is shared by such notables as David Horowitz, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and columnist for the liberal New York Times.

For my readers who do not know me personally; I have been surrounded by women all my life as a proud father of two great daughters, and a wife of 60 years, who gets final approval of my columns even before my editor. I value and respect every woman. Hell, I still hold the door open for them. Look for my column, Saturday, June 3, on the Augusta special election.

Don Roberts is a veteran broadcaster, writer and political consultant. He has served Augusta as a city councilor at-large, charter commission vice chairman and utilities district treasurer.

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