On Fridays, as 5 p.m. nears and the rare sun beams, the car radio gets turned up and folks happily hurry home. My last business call was a store that had newly installed a tie rail for customers. An Amish-type buggy had just left. The store owner told me that he had almost witnessed a tragedy.

The road bends, and the lady driving the horse pulled into traffic just as a car rounded the corner, not expecting such a slow mover. Brakes squealed, and hollering was heard. It would have been horrible if both drivers collided. The buggy contained a 15-month-old child, with no child safety seat.

The store owner told me that “buggy signs” had just been installed. (I didn’t notice any.) Greater measures may need to be taken. Caution lights, bigger signs, a third lane for merging traffic, a wider emergency lane for slow traffic.

To truly welcome our new neighbors (and customers), we need to adjust our habits and protect them as they drive.

Heidi Chadbourne


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