Democrats are negative about everything. They won’t work with Republicans on anything. They constantly find fault with whatever is suggested by Republicans without any alternatives. Their only course in life is to make the Republicans look bad. They do not care about this country or the people in it, just the Democratic Party and only the party.

They are behind all these marches by encouraging them. They lost the election and they are not willing to give the Republican administration a chance to help this country and make us proud again. They would rather see this country destroyed then see a Republican administration succeed. All I can see from the Democrats is selfish childish behavior.

I do not mean just in Washington but in this state and every other state as well. We are taught all our lives to work together and put our differences behind us for the greater good. I guess the Democrats didn’t get that memo or failed miserably in that subject, and we, as a country, are suffering for it.

I agree we should have a choice between two parties, just not Democrats and Republicans, but independents and Republicans. Perhaps we would see some positive movement in the right direction.

As it is right now the people here through illegal immigration are treated much better then we Americans are. We have to work and pay top dollar for everything while they get a free ride thanks to the Democrats.

Phillip Webber


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