Liz Soares’ column of May 18 was well thought out and delivered, except for one statement: “An elitist, I think, would live in Cape Elizabeth or Manchester, or a pricey Portland condo, I don’t know.”

I too do not know about Cape Elizabeth or Portland’s pricey condos, but I do know about Manchester, that is of course, if she is not referring to New Hampshire’s Manchester. Having lived and raised our children in this wonderful small town, I find it hard to accept the description of Manchester as the home of elitists. Caring, thoughtful, community-spirited people yes, elitist no.

I think Soares owes the folks there an apology in a manner that she so carefully talks about in her column. She states that she is not an elitist as she learned the definition from consulting Oxford Dictionaries. I would suggest that she carries on a civil discussion with the folks of Manchester to determine if, in fact, they are what she claims. I think she will find they are not.

Gregory Gravel

Venice, Florida

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