Another day in Washington. When you appreciate what has transpired since Donald Trump moved to Washington, it has been nothing short of astonishing, unpatriotic, lacking in compassion and devious enough to put a career politician to shame.

It’s astonishing because Trump alienates our friends, embraces our adversaries and feels compelled to rationalize his bad doings. The list of horrible things are countless: firing people who seek truth, hiring individuals who embrace lying, leaving Americans vulnerable in health care needs, threatening civil liberties and sneering at anyone with a different point of view.

Unpatriotic. Wow, imagine giving our deepest national secrets to people who undermine America. You have to wonder if intelligence sharing from other countries will be affected. Where is the balance of power and voice of reason while this is happening to national security? Republican politicians show no backbone to change the course of bad decisions made by Donald Trump.

Lack of compassion. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, R-2nd District, has to explain to Mainers his vote to approve limiting health care. Hospitals and physician and nursing groups have screamed against the health care bill. But Poliquin follows a philosophy to favor those who have and leave behind those who have not. An intelligent public servant needs to heed voices of reason when we speak.

Devious doings of this administration. Lies are plentiful. Dishonesties are embraced by an administration that justifies it to the American public. The lies are unchallenged by the elected officials we sent to Washington. So why do we accept this behavior from those in Washington? Let’s all take the time and make our representatives in Washington and Maine know our dissatisfaction with their inaction.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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