Portland reached a pleasant 72 yesterday afternoon, making for one of the warmer days in a while.  Temperatures were actually slightly above average, we haven’t had many of those kind of days this spring.  Showers did pop up as expected but they didn’t last very long and not everyone saw one.  Today is a similar forecast with a bright start to the day and a risk of more showers or even a thunderstorm forming in the afternoon.

Some of the storms could be strong with gusty winds and small hail. I don’t expect the storms to reach severe levels, but hail can certainly make one take notice.  The reason for the hail is cold air above us.  As the sun heats the ground today the air will rise into the cold air produce clouds and eventually showers.  Take the umbrella to work.

A cooler day is on tap with some storms again this afternoon. NOAA Gray, ME

It won’t be as warm as it was yesterday with highs in the 60s.  This is typical for early June.  You can see the flow of the air from the northwest on this mornings satellite loop.  Notice that small area of clouds in Quebec, that’s what will help ignite the afternoon rain today.

Clear morning skies will fill with clouds this afternoon. Unisys Weather

Meteorological summer began yesterday.  These are the 90 warmest days of the year, at least on average.   The amount of daylight will peak during the next three weeks. Our sunrises are getting close to, or just before 5 a.m. now depending on what part of the state you live.  The strength of the June sun is powerful so you can get a sunburn in a very short time.  Take care in the sun, even on cool days.

The sun rises a bit before 5 a.m. in Portland at its earliest each June. TimeandDate.com

The weekend is going to be ok, not a perfect weekend, but a good one.  Saturday is probably the better day because there will be more sunshine, but Sunday will be good as well.  On Sunday clouds will be thickening so the day will end up rather cloudy with rain knocking on our doorstep towards sunset.  If the system speeds up a bit, we could see showers arrive before dark.

The weather system coming late in the weekend will hang around for a couple of days with clouds, some rain and definitely chilly ocean air.  You know the drill by now, we’ve seen several of these systems this spring and this one won’t be much different.  Rainfall could exceed an inch, but it will depend on the exact track of the storm and its strength.

As this system pulls away Wednesday warmer air will quickly follow and we may be up near 70 again for the end of the workweek.

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