The Gardiner Lego Robots participated in the Maine Robotics Track Meet with 23 other teams (141 other students) on May 13 in South Portland.

The team is comprised of 17 students in grades 3-8 at various schools in SAD 11. The track meet requires students to create robots that will complete a specific task.

The team achieved the Gold Standard (a measure that is set by the organizers) with five out of the seven events entered, including: Fastest Robot (two entries), Ping Pong Ball Shooter, Table Clearing and Strongest Bridge.

The Table Clearing Team, Eric Fyfe, Lance Morgan, Casey Paul and Patrick Messer, built a robot that cleared a table of eight cans in 18 seconds, fastest in the competition.

Madeline Seed, a 4th grader from Riverview School built the lightest but strongest bridge completely out of legos in the competition. She won the first place trophy, her bridge held 85 pounds.

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