Recently the Hallowell American Legion Post 6 put out more than 600 flags, as they do every year, in the Hallowell cemetery and along Water Street. This year, as they do every year, some folks think it’s amusing to tear down a number of these flags. The town of Hallowell provides $200 annually for new flags. This year, in a little over a week, the flag on just one light post was torn down and replaced three times. Each one of those flags cost $45. Once the funds from the town are exhausted, the American Legion Post has to fund the replacements out of pocket. These thefts are unconscionable.

The members of the America Legion have volunteered in the armed forces to preserve and protect our freedoms. They volunteer again to provide these simple reminders of everything that so many have fought and died to protect. Tearing down these flags disrespects the men and women who have earned the respect of every American by placing themselves in harm’s way to protect this Nation. People may disagree about politics, or policies, or principles. Indeed, this ability to disagree is at the foundation of our way of life that has been maintained for so long by the men and women of the armed forces. While we may disagree with each other, we should still respect each other. We should still respect the values embodied in the Flag.

So as Memorial Day approaches this year, if you are passing through Hallowell take a moment to appreciate the work that Post 6 has done. Take a moment to appreciate the work that all of our veterans have done in ensuring that this nation remains a free and vibrant society. Take a moment to remember those who have gone before us.

Susan Sanborn


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