I have been a resident of Waterville for 23 years, and I am very upset by the fact that the revenue sharing from the state has been cut back to 2 percent from what I understand to be a legally appropriate 5 percent arrangement. The cut has devastated our city’s educational budget, among other things. I understand that without the money being passed back from the state we have a lot less to run the city with, but I absolutely oppose the idea that we will sacrifice our schools in the process.

Higher property tax rates are a burden, but drastically underfunded schools are forcing folks and businesses to stay away from the city in greater numbers, a phenomenon easily observed by those of us who are involved in hiring. I am sure you are well aware of the decline in funding for the schools over the years, and our position at the back of the schools in the state. If our schools do not educate the students at a high enough level and with enough breadth, the graduates will not vie for positions that will promise them a success in the future, and will not be contributing to the tax base at a high rate that is desirable for the health of the city.

Our city administrators need to take a long view in this case, and work to increase the level of funding for out schools, not cutting it, before many more middle-class folks start pulling roots and moving out to neighboring places that support the future of their children through a commitment to education.

Leo Livshits


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