The city of Waterville doesn’t seem to treat its Main Street merchants very well. In addition to that “Taste” thing that blocks off the entire downtown area to business every year, now it’s being blocked off every Thursday, thanks to the farmers market.

I used to enjoy shopping the farmers market in The Concourse, but as long as it’s on Common Street, never again. All the parking spaces downtown are taken up by market patrons, not allowing parking for Main Street patrons, despite all the room at Head of Falls. I don’t understand how you can do that. Even the handicapped space at the head of Common Street is verboten, adding to the paucity of such spaces on the street. If you want to take away parking spaces, take each space away at the top of every crosswalk, so drivers can see when someone wants to cross the street.

In addition, what was touted as being construction on one corner of one section of The Concourse parking lot has now closed down much of The Concourse and even more Main Street parking. We may have sold our soul to the company store. Nope — Thursday now is Shop Skowhegan/Madison Day. Waterville is closed to business. Except for the farmers market, of course.

Bob Woodbury


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