As another school year comes to an end, I find myself thankful for the amazing educators who have worked their magic yet again. To all of the teachers who have tirelessly instructed our most cherished and impressionable, please know you are appreciated beyond measure.

For our family, this school year marks the end of a wonderful chapter in our daughter’s life. Eight years ago we enrolled our not-yet-4-year-old in the Augusta School Department’s preschool program. While we knew she would be instructed towards “academic proficiency,” we were then unaware of the sense of value, social responsibility and community that would be nurtured. Our daughter has gained a deeper compassion towards others, accountability for her actions as they impact those around her and developed appreciation for the abilities that are unique to each of her friends.

If you are concerned that public education has been reduced to mandates and assessments, I encourage you to peel back the layers and take a deeper look. Our students are being nurtured, guided, mentored, celebrated, challenged, supported and most certainly loved. Our educators pour their hearts and souls into each and every student, each and every day. The difference they make is immeasurable and guaranteed to have a lasting impact on the student whose lives they have touched. We are going to miss you Lincoln School, and we are forever grateful.

Jennifer Day


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