It is long overdue for people to wake up to the reality that Republican politicians in Washington, Augusta and across the nation have sold out to the rich and powerful and become their puppets. They may claim to serve the people, but they do not. They serve their masters, the 1 percent.

This has never been more obvious than when Senate Republicans plan secretly to push through TrumpCare. Not only will TrumpCare cause 23 million people to lose health insurance and more than 53 million to lose protections for pre-existing conditions, it will hand out hundreds of billions in tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations. We must fight this tooth and nail.

At the same time the Trump budget aims to make huge cuts in food stamps, disability insurance, women’s heath services, funding for education, environmental protection, public broadcasting, support for the arts, before and after school programs for low-income children and low-income energy assistance, to name just a few of the cuts.

The GOP’s goals are to secure greater wealth, power and privilege for the 1 percent. Your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors are going to suffer greatly as a result of this blatant grab for an even bigger piece of the pie.

Fighting this madness begins with regular people waking up to what’s going on. It is a fight that defines the kind of country we live in now and in which our children will grow up. And our response to this moment defines who we are. Ultimately, we need Medicare for All — a universal program that ensures that all of us get the care we need. But today, we need to stand and defend what we’ve built so far. Lives depend on it. Speak out. Let Sen. Susan Collins know that you oppose TrumpCare.

John Benziger, M.D.

South China

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