My name is Bob Trask and I am running for the at-large seat on the Augusta City Council. I am a lifelong resident of Augusta and live on the West River Road with my wife Maryann. I have years of leadership as a 25-year member of the UPS management team and a retired military major.

I have been considering running for City Council for quite some time and have chosen the current opportunity to do so. I stepped forward, as leaders always do when there is a need. I was the first to draw nomination papers and was placed on the June 13 ballot before one of the candidates had even drawn their papers. That can easily be verified by checking the clerk’s roster — I did not get into the race late, as Don Roberts said in his recent column (“Don’t forget Augusta’s special election,” June 3) .

As I walk the neighborhoods talking to dozens and dozens of people, I continually hear, “We need a change.” That a reason I am running. Many folks have posted or written, “The Republican and Democrat thing isn’t working,” another reason I am stepping forward. Placing the party before the people just continues to divide us as a people, city, state and country.

I sympathize with Roberts. As we both get a little grayer sometimes the facts can get fuzzy and the energy to get up and go check them out isn’t there. So I thought I would help to him to correct his column. Let’s have coffee. I’ll buy.

I want to thank him for validating my candidacy. Using his own words, “Qualification and effort should always be the first consideration.” If those are his qualifications, then I look forward to his vote on June 13.

Bob Trask


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